How does it work? A few simple steps for the easiest service in modern travel.

Book using the service catered to airport and corporate travelers

Efficient and instant results.

Step 1: Enter pick-up and drop-off location OR schedule a driver for a specific number of hours.

Step 2: Enter desired pick-up time.

Step 3: Select desired vehicle class.

And just like that, your plans are set! You’ll receive an email confirmation immeditely! Rest easy knowing Blaxxi will be there.



Putting riders first


On the reservation date, riders receive real-time SMS and email updates.

The first updates riders when their car is on the way to the pick-up location and includes the vehicle/driver details as well as a link to track the vehicles GPS for exact location and arrival information. The second lets riders know the moment their driver arrives.

All airport rides include 1 hour of complimentary driver wait time. All other rides include 15 free minutes. This free period does not begin until the scheduled reservation time, even if a driver arrives early.

Schedule your trip today and travel in style with Blaxxi.


Blaxxi is the preferred transportation platform for thousands of users around the world. We focus primarily on airport transportation and corporate travel. You can book using our intuitive app or online now. 24/7 customer support is available - no matter where you are!